StormBringer Studios
Based in Tbilisi, Georgia

Founding date:
September 25, 2013


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VRZ Torment

+995 557 98 70 96


StormBringer Studios is the leading Georgian game development studio with VR, PC, Console and all mobile platforms commercial game development experience.


Early history

Stormbringer Studios is a company of dreamers. Most of our staff was dreaming to get into the industry but we were working separately as sole professionals for a decade before we had a chance to work together. For example, Zviad Baratashvili, our Lead Artist was working for Blizzard. We started as a government funded initiative. And so Geopolice 1 and 2 were born, which were distributed more than 1 million downloads worldwide. After releasing Geo Police 2 we started doing outsource work for Microsoft, KixEye, Larva Game Studios. One example is Last Day On Earth for PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 on UE3. Meanwhile, part of the team was working on Geo Police 3 but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. After 3 years the government changed and we lost all support. It was actually a good timing. We tasted what it was to be like in the industry and work as a team. At that time we decided to found a new studio. While we were discussing the details we received a note from GameFounders – First Game Accelerator in Europe. We were accepted in. Our team went to Tallinn and founded our company Storm Bringer Studios there in 2013.

After that

Our first few titles were realistic shooters. This is how Steameria: Tournament was born. After that we moved on to virtual reality, reaching to semi-finals on Leap Motion’s ‘3D Jam’ dev contest with MagiCraft. MagiCraft was later evolved into Warlock Battle, which won 2nd place on Leap Motion’s ‘3D Jam 2.0’ contest. While building a VR version of Steameria we prototyped a zombie survival game which with the help of Mark Rein-Hagen (known for I AM ZOMBIE and Vampire: The Masquerade) evolved into VRZ: Torment. More details about VRZ: Torment can be found under VRZ: Torment subcategory.



VRZ: Torment YouTube

Warlock Battle Gameplay by Nathie YouTube

Steameria: Tournament YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (19MB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "2nd place on Leap Motion’s ‘3D Jam 2.0’ dev contest" - Warlock, Jan 28, 2016
  • "2nd place on Tallinn GameDev Days" - VRZ, April 12, 2017
  • "5th place on Leap Motion’s ‘3D Jam’ dev contest" - MagiCraft, Jan 10, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "From Tbilisi to San-Francisco: The Journey of Storm Bringer"
    - Questions and Answers with StormBringers, 80.lv
  • "Georgian Developers Win Big at International Video Game Contest"
    - StormBringers 2nd place on Leap Motion 3D Jam dev contest, agenda.ge
  • "Georgian Gaming: From the Cradle to Virtual Reality"
    - StormBringers and VR, georgianjournal.ge
  • "Unlock Your Wizardly Powers in Warlock VR"
    - Article about Warlock, vrfocus.com
  • "Steameria: Tournament – Experience is not everything"
    - About Steameria: Tournament, gamesauce.biz

MagiCraft Steam Greenlight Link

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Irakli Kokrashvili
CEO, Co-Founder

Alex Lashkhi
Lead Developer, Co-Founder

Zviad Baratashvili
Lead Artist, Co-Founder

Levan Nadashvili
Sound Fx, Visual FX Lead

Irakli Lataria
Senior 3D Artist

Tornike Suladze
Senior Game Developer

Zura Barisashvili
Senior 3D Artist

Gela Lomidze
Senior Game Developer

Nodari Kobakhidze
Junior Programmer

Rati Tsikolia
Concept and 2D art



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